Awning Creation


New Awning Creation

Build a new awning that will add beauty and functionality to any home or business. We have shapes and styles that will accent your architecture perfectly. Our team can create the perfect look for any venue.

An awning from Eclipse Shade will not only look beautiful but it will keep your home cooler. As the temperatures rise, so do your utility bills. By keeping sunlight off your windows and doors, where homes are most vulnerable to heat gain, we can help you save you money. 

These durable installations will protect you from rain, sunlight and other natural elements. Your doors, porches, and walkways will be protected and look fabulous for years to come. 

Our designers will help you pick the best shape, finish, and colors for an awning to update your home or business. We'll weld high quality steel to your exact specifications to build the frame and mounting for your awning. The whole frame will be covered with a protective enamel to keep your frame in great shape for years to come.  


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